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The Great War Between Western Powers - 2141 Words

There are views that the mainstream theories are chronologically underdeveloped. They insist that there are trans-historical concepts that allow us to identify universal regularities. There is privileging of European experience in our IR understanding. It is suggested that once we divert our attention from Europe, truisms in mainstream IRT is questionable, despite their long-establishment. (Buzan Little, 2000) The mainstream theory of Realism, Liberalism and their neo counterparts were formulated with and grounded in Western History. It can be said that in the gradual formulation of International Relations theories, scholars have largely ignored the historical, cultural and social context of different regions outside Europe and America. Liberalism has pacific historic origins as a reaction to the huge casualties and damage caused by the First World War in the western world. It aspires to promote peace through international cooperation. However, this theory simplified international relations too much to the extent that it focused on the great war between western powers. Major strands of Realism emerged at the end of Pelopponesian War and the Cold War in the eyes of Thucydides and Morgenthau, respectively (Dunne, et. al, 2007). While the hegemonic stability thesis espoused by neo-realists has a (western) post-cold war background of the demise of Soviet Union and the emergence of United States as a global hegemon. Neorealism, with this background, posited hegemonic stabilityShow MoreRelatedThe United States And The Islamic State Of Iraq1080 Words   |  5 PagesSuccessful nations allow conflict to arise within and outside of the nation. War is the offspring of such political intercourse. The intention to gain power and control serve as enablers for national and international wars. Attaining power and control expand potential competition from a regional to a global level. The United States have involved itself in such terrorists attacks due to the desire to possess such resources, power and control. The Islamic State of Iraq also commonly known as â⠂¬ËœISIS’, SalafiRead MoreWestern Imperialist Policies And Goals1360 Words   |  6 PagesWestern imperialist policies and goals in middle east Imperialist policies Imperialism is a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of force etc. The western powers are found to have an urge to occupy the Middle East for their own selfish interest. The main ones were being noted getting the areas of oil fields and vast land. Before World War I, Ottoman Empire is found to be really established especially due to the good leadership provided by the three dictatorsRead MoreEssay on Compare Contrast - Russia, Ottoman Empire 1450-17501383 Words   |  6 Pagesland and modernization shaped its relationships with Western Europe and the Ottoman Empire, causing Russia’s leaders to respect and imitate Western Europe while competing with the European powers to fill the power vacuum of the failing Ottoman Empire. Russia emerged as a significant power during the 1500s through war. It fought its neighbors and expanded its territory aimlessly. Ivan the Terrible’s expansion brought him into contact with both Western Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Aiming to gain a portRead MoreThe Middle East Is A Country Of Terrorism, Violence, And War1102 Words   |  5 PagesMiddle East is a country of terrorism, violence, and war. What they fail to realize is that there are reasons behind the instability in the region. There have been many factors that have contributed to the unsteadiness of the Middle East today. In addition to the collapse of the Gunpowder Empires, particularly the Ottoman Empire, the countries of the Middle East have also suffered from ongoing religious divisions, wars and revolts in the area, and western intervention, particularly in oil and arms. TheRead MoreWestward Expansion and Indian Removal1480 Words   |  6 Pagesconsidered one of the most wealthy and powerful countries in the world. The United States is associated with global reverence and respect; however, could a nation so great preserve indigenous societies continuously impeding the country’s potential growth without giving up on aspirations of success and expansion? Would our country exist as the power symbol it is today without certain actions that removed the barriers preventing American expansion and growth? Although the aboriginal people of America had claimedRead MoreThe Soviet Union And The Cold War1693 Words   |  7 PagesSecond World War, became adversaries during the Cold War. The conflict between the communist and the capitalist ideologies was the main cause for starting the Cold War. The Soviet Union had a different idea on how they wanted to run their country. The Soviet Union want to run their country as a communist country, which a communi st country is ruled by one dictator who is calling the shots and they put the needs of the country before the needs of personal human rights. The Western powers want to haveRead MoreBattle : A History Of Combat And Culture1465 Words   |  6 PagesComparative Book review John Lynn, Battle: A History of Combat and Culture (Boulder, CO: Westview, 2003) Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage, and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power (New York: Doubleday, 2001) Victor Davis Hanson is a former classics professor, an American military historian, a scholar of ancient warfare and a columnist. He graduated from Selma High School, he also received a BA from the University of California in 1975 and later got his Ph.D. in Classics from StanfordRead MoreCauses of Unrest in the Middle East Essay1145 Words   |  5 PagesHowever, the current unrest in the Middle East is the result of Western ethno-centrism and colonialism (covert and overt), combined with religious and sectarian conflicts. The impact of Western (Europe and the USA.) interference in the Middle East cannot be overstated. Indeed, the term â€Å"Middle East† is an artificial term that has no meaning except in the context of its geographical relationship to Europe. The most active period of Western interference in the Middle East was after the collapse ofRead MoreWestern Imperialism and Modern East Asia Essay example1188 Words   |  5 PagesWestern imperialism in East Asia caused many tribulations for China, Japan, and Korea but also helped them to become contemporary nations. The East Asian countries were tremendously affected by unequal treaties, extraterritoriality, and above all, technology. Great Britain encroached upon China their greed for open trade with the Chinese empire resulting in the deterioration of the Chinese culture, which led to the emergence of a modernized civilization. Japan was co-subjugated by Russia and theRead MoreThe Cold War According to Berlin Essay example1005 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War According to Berlin After the end of World War II, in 1945, Germany was divided into four zones, American, British, French on the west side and the Soviet on the east side. Germany’s capital Berlin was also divided into four zones. To identify what happen during the Cold War one has to focus on Berlin as it was the centre of this conflict. Events like the currency reform, Berlin Blockade and the building of the Berlin Wall show how close it was to becoming

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Principal Components and Factor Analysis

Principal components analysis (PCA) and factor analysis (FA) are statistical techniques used for data reduction or structure detection. These two methods are applied to a single set of variables when the researcher is interested in discovering which variables in the set form coherent subsets that are relatively independent of one another. Variables that are correlated with one another but are largely independent of other sets of variables are combined into factors. These factors allow you to condense the number of variables in your analysis by combining several variables into one factor. The specific goals of PCA or FA are to summarize patterns of correlations among observed variables, to reduce a large number of observed variables to a smaller number of factors, to provide a regression equation for an underlying process by using observed variables, or to test a theory about the nature of underlying processes. Example Say, for example, a researcher is interested in studying the characteristics of graduate students. The researcher surveys a large sample of graduate students on personality characteristics such as motivation, intellectual ability, scholastic history, family history, health, physical characteristics, etc. Each of these areas is measured with several variables. The variables are then entered into the analysis individually and correlations among them are studied. The analysis reveals patterns of correlation among the variables that are thought to reflect the underlying processes affecting the behaviors of the graduate students. For example, several variables from the intellectual ability measures combine with some variables from the scholastic history measures to form a factor measuring intelligence. Similarly, variables from the personality measures may combine with some variables from the motivation and scholastic history measures to form a factor measuring the degree to which a stude nt prefers to work independently – an independence factor. Steps of Principal Components Analysis and Factor Analysis Steps in principal components analysis and factor analysis include: Select and measure a set of variables.Prepare the correlation matrix to perform either PCA or FA.Extract a set of factors from the correlation matrix.Determine the number of factors.If necessary, rotate the factors to increase interpretability.Interpret the results.Verify the factor structure by establishing the construct validity of the factors. Difference Between Principal Components Analysis and Factor Analysis Principal Components Analysis and Factor Analysis are similar because both procedures are used to simplify the structure of a set of variables. However, the analyses differ in several important ways: In PCA, the components are calculated as linear combinations of the original variables. In FA, the original variables are defined as linear combinations of the factors.In PCA, the goal is to account for as much of the total variance in the variables as possible. The objective in FA is to explain the covariances or correlations among the variables.PCA is used to reduce the data into a smaller number of components. FA is used to understand what constructs underlie the data. Problems with Principal Components Analysis and Factor Analysis One problem with PCA and FA is that there is no criterion variable against which to test the solution. In other statistical techniques such as discriminant function analysis, logistic regression, profile analysis, and multivariate analysis of variance, the solution is judged by how well it predicts group membership. In PCA and FA, there is no external criterion such as group membership against which to test the solution. The second problem of PCA and FA is that, after extraction, there is an infinite number of rotations available, all accounting for the same amount of variance in the original data, but with the factor defined slightly different. The final choice is left to the researcher based on their assessment of its interpretability and scientific utility. Researchers often differ in opinion on which choice is the best. A third problem is that FA is frequently used to â€Å"save† poorly conceived research. If no other statistical procedure is appropriate or applicable, the data can at least be factor analyzed. This leaves many to believe that the various forms of FA are associated with sloppy research.

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Technology And Its Effect On Our Lives - 1756 Words

I. INTRODUCTION In this day and age, advanced innovation changes so quickly and incorporates into our general public at such a quickened rate, it is difficult to stay aware of it, not to mention consider the impacts it has on our lives. In spite of the fact that Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter did not exist a simple decade prior, they are presently pervasive types of media and correspondence in our way of life. Today s era of young people, conceived in the 1990s, apropos named the iGeneration, are the most associated era ever. These iGen high schoolers are advanced locals experiencing childhood in a period of a gigantic deluge of innovation. They don t know of the world that does exclude the Web and simple access to innovation. Guardians of iGen youth, nonetheless, are digital immigrants [1]. Innovation compulsion issue has been dealt with imperative, particularly in the instructive field of optional schools, in light of the fact that the pre-adult is more helpless against the dependence. Web enslavement was a vital issue a couple of years prior. In any case, cell phone enslavement has turned into a more major issue as of late. Keeping in mind the end goal to keep the compulsion and to give new instructive techniques to the optional school understudies, numerous analysts have proposed different sorts of exploration works, for example, new dependence estimation scales and the ecological or individual components that bring about the fixation so far [2 and 3]. CellShow MoreRelatedTechnology And Its Effect On Our Lives1199 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology is helping us to advance in the world. When we talk about technology, most people’s first thoughts would be about phones, laptops, the internet etc. This is because every single argument I found against technology is talking about how we waste so much time on devices and how it is ruining human interactions and real life communication. What they don’t know is that while it does do all of these things, there are some good things that technology has brought upon us. Some examples are thatRead MoreEffects Of Technology On Our Lives1065 Words   |  5 PagesWe live in an age where technology is practically unavoidable if you live in a developed area. We don’t realize how much we really rely on technology in almost every facet of our lives. It’s a known fact that it is almost inevitable it will keep advancing, which is imperative to our development; but what about its social effects? There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that technology has definitely helped keep people in better contact than ever before, but the in-person interaction has actually hadRead MoreTechnology And Its Effect On Our Lives864 Words   |  4 Pages Technology We live in a society that is completely obsessed with the invention of technology, which has both a negative or positive effect on our lives. Technology has taken over the twenty first century, showing us how powerful it actually can be. Coming in contact with the invention of technology every day, it is hard not to excel in how to operate it. Once we have accomplished how to properly perform the duties on certain technology, we may become more addicted to it although most of usRead MoreTechnology And Its Effects On Our Lives1402 Words   |  6 PagesEveryday technology is manipulated and used by many people around the world. Technology describes the usage of technical means to interact with life, society, and environment, through an electronical device that is applied by science. Many people are slowly becoming attached to technology and relying on more of these resources because it makes their life easier. However, technology is slowly hurting a ton of people by being smartphone dependent, reducing our communication skills and disabling peopleRead MoreTechnology And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay1792 Words   |  8 PagesEveryday technology is manipulated and used by many people around the world. Technology describes the usage of technical means to interact with life, society, and environment, through an electronic device that is applied by science. Many people are slowly becoming attached to technology and relying on more of these resources because it makes their life easier. However, technology is slowly hurting a ton of people by being smartphone dependent, reducing our communication skills and disabling peopleRead MoreTechnology And Its Effects On Our Lives1499 Words   |  6 PagesNeuroimaging technology Madeline Johnson 242015 ECH 2025 001 As time has advanced so has technology; the world has watches that along with telling what time it is the watch also tells us who is calling us and how we slept at night. Along with so many other amazing inventions for our daily life there have been miraculous milestones with our neuroimaging inventions; scans range from being able to tell us where our brain is functioning during a task to allowing us to catch diseases such as cancerRead MoreEffects Of Technology On Our Lives1679 Words   |  7 Pagespeople use technology eleven hours of the average waking hours of sixteen to eighteen. That is sixty one to sixty eight percent of waking time on technology. Overuse of any thing is unhealthy, especially overuse with so many adverse effects. Technology has three main categories of unhealthy effects. Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Social/Environmental. Because of its wide range of unhealthy effects on several aspects of life its use should be limited. Technology has unhealthy effects on many aspectsRead MoreThe Effects Of Technology On Our Social Lives1166 Words   |  5 PagesOur generation is one defined by technology. Every day advances in cellphones, computers, cameras, medical technology, and much more are being made. Because of technology, the way we live our lives, and the way the world functions is vastly different than it used to be. One might argue that all of this technology is making our lives easier, and therefore, better. However, people do not realize all that we are losing, as we gain technological knowledge. In the eighties having a cellphone was a luxuryRead MoreEffects Of Technology And Media On Our Lives958 Words   |  4 PagesEffects of Technology and Media in our lives With the advancement in media and technology, almost anything is possible nowadays. Looking back a couple years ago, people did no have cellphones, computers or televisions to occupy and make their lives easier. With the development of these products and more, people are able to communicate and do work much faster and more efficiently. Society has come a long way with technology and media and to say that there are no negatives to them would be falseRead MoreThe Effects Of Media And Technology On Our Lives1828 Words   |  8 Pagesyou can to survive. Notice, I stressed the word â€Å"seem†, because I want us to explore the current generation of growing African American males and the effect of media and technology in their lives. Studies show that media images have a large impact on perceptions when the viewers have less real world experience with the topic. In an age where technology brings together different ideals, cultures and belief systems through the Internet and soc ial media, one can assume that accurate stories are being

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The War Of 1812 And The United States - 1427 Words

The War of 1812 is the second war between the United States of America and Great Britain that ends in a draw. Also referred to as the â€Å"Second War of Independence,† the cause of this military conflict is often believed to be a direct result of England’s attempt to humiliate the United States, limit the country’s growth and impact (acts of interference towards American trade, which is a sign of disrespect towards American independence), and acts of impressment (taking sailors off American vessels and forcing them into providing services for the British Royal Navy). Although the ultimate outcome of the War of 1812 results in a tie, the Americans have faced several challenges during the presence of their second dispute with Britain. Arguably, the main reason that caused the United States to struggle during this â€Å"Second War of Independence,† is how unprepared the nation is when it comes to fighting another series of battles. During the War of 1812, the power of the army and navy forces in the United States of America seems to be lacking in both its quantity and quality value of soldiers, weapons, and supplies. In comparison to Great Britain, who, at the time, has the leading military in the world, boasting both a powerful army and navy, the Americans appears to be at a clear disadvantage. According to primary and secondary sources on, during the War of 1812, there were approximately 250,000 soldiers in the British Army and approximately 500Show MoreRelatedThe United States And The War Of 18121144 Words   |  5 Pages The United States of America triumphed in the Revolutionary War, emerging as an independent nation. Thereafter, they had an arduous task of building their economy and earning recognition amongst other nations. George Washington, the presiding president, promoted Alexander Hamilton, a thirty-four year old former officer of the Continental Army, as the Secretary of Treasury. He devised plans on how to simultaneously generate revenue and deal with war debts. Inevitably, the United States encounteredRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The United States1716 Words   |  7 Pagesformed United States. The war of 1812 is often referred to as the United States second war for independence because, like the Revolutionary War, it was fought against England. This war was the result of many years of a tension among both countries. It both surprised the British and concerned many Americans who believed that this war was an unwise effort. This was not because there was not reasons to go to war with Englan d. But rather because United States had avoided war for so long that when war wasRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The United States1699 Words   |  7 PagesThe War of 1812 is often referred to as â€Å" Mr. Madison s War,† because at the time, federalists believed that their current president, James Madison declared war, without the approval of congress. At the time, the new united nation but somewhat divided was being controlled under the rule of the great power of Great Britain. Great Britain had a strong connection with the northern states of the United States, because of the constant trade going on between them. As the, Federalists got richer, the BritishRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The United States Essay1328 Words   |  6 PagesThe War of 1812 was the result of an ongoing feud between France, Great Britain, and the United States. The causes of the war included Britain attempt to restrict trade between France and the United States, Britain’s navy intimidating Amer ican seamen and the U.S. attempt to expand their territory. Before going into the war, the United States was fully aware that Britain had the greatest naval power in the world so this would be the costliest war financially and physically. The United States knewRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The United States1633 Words   |  7 PagesThe War of 1812 took place between the Americans and Great Britain because of the impressment of Americans sailors by the British and the passing of the Embargo Act by Congress and President Thomas Jefferson. The British navy would impress sailors from American ships and force the American sailors to board the British ships and to join the British navy. The second reason that the War of 1812 occurred was because of the Embargo Act of 1807. This act was passed by Congress and Jefferson and it stoppedRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The United States1422 Words   |  6 PagesIn the year 1812, just 29 years after the American Revolution, the United States was a lready confronted with another War against their mother country. Ever since their last war, conflict has been brewing up between the two countries. Since the 1790s, American leaders like Presidents Washington and John Adams was trying to avoid with France and England. In 1793, the Proclamation of neutrality was passed, under Washington s presidency. In 1800, President Adams agreed to the Convention of 1800, whichRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The United States820 Words   |  4 Pages The War of 1812 was brought about by a multitude of factors including international trade restrictions, the capture of American sailors by the British Royal Navy, and the United States attempts at expanding its territory. The various parties involved in this war are the Americans, the British, the Canadians (then a british colony), the Native Americans, and the Africans. While the main conflict of this war was between White America and the British, the Native Americans and African slaves found themselve sRead MoreThe War Of 1812 During The United States1308 Words   |  6 PagesA war time economy in the United States has proven to be a way to bring the people of America together, boost the economy, and inspire nationalism. The War of 1812 did much to follow this trend. By shutting off trade with Great Britain for a few years, United States manufacturers were able to establish their industries and develop a dependency from the people of America. In these ways, the War of 1812 helped create a scenario that allowed the United States to proliferate following the war. TheRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The United States Army Essay1309 Words   |  6 PagesBritish forces (). From then on out the United States Army has seen multiple wars from the War of 1812 to present wars today, and will continue to be one the many forces to protect the USA. Now over the years, the United States Army has had to shift the way it conducts its soldiers to fight in the wars and how to be proficient in battl e; even with the new warfare tactics that our enemies are developing daily. Like any other unified team, how does the United States Army gain leverage against our enemiesRead MoreThe War Of 1812 Was A Conflict Between The United States854 Words   |  4 Pages The War of 1812 was a conflict between the United States and Britain that began in 1812 and lasted until early 1815. A declaration of war was requested by President James Madison to protect American ships on the high seas and to stop the British from stopping ships and capturing United States by both Great Britain and France. President Madison sought to prevent Britain from creating alliances with Native Americans on the American frontier. Americans in the West and South, who hoped to increase the

Julia Serano, Whipping Girl Book Review Free Essays

I found this book as disturbing but yet inspiring as well. This book is about a transsexual male to female. Transsexual is a person who has undergone a sex change operation whose sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex. We will write a custom essay sample on Julia Serano, Whipping Girl Book Review or any similar topic only for you Order Now I could say that the book is disturbing because as I go through words and sentences, images keep showing up in my head. He was discriminated because of his change of sex and his behavior (girly boy). Being discriminated didn’t let him to keep being all sad and sorrow. He stopped himself for being let down by people around him. He really is a brave man for writing the book. In this book, he writes about his experience and his feelings. I could not imagine if I was he. I could not imagine what does it feels like to be in his shoe. After reading the book, I was inspired by him. I think that people need to stop judging and stop discriminating. Everyone either transsexual or normal, we need to be treated the same way. Transsexuals are human too. They have feelings and thoughts. They could be hurt just like the normal people. Normal people don’t have the rights to bully just because they think that they are more superior to people like them and try to make them feel like they are the outsiders and make them feel inferior. I did some research and found this video on YouTube. The video is about a transsexual woman, Samantha Lauzon. I think he is the first transsexual ever who has to courage to finally speak out about he life. On the video Samantha Lauzon said that he didn’t understand his body and thoughts and Samantha Lauzon didn’t know what he was doing. As a child he got bullied and attempted suicide. But finally he realized that he was wrong and he finally realizes the need to change in order for him to be happy. And it is true that as time goes by, it gets better. All the things that happened are really sick and sad. People need to know about them and how they feel. Its people’s job to try to understand transsexuals either from male to female or female to male. It is their job to educate themselves. Ending your life is never the answer. Suicide is the permanent answer or solution to a temporary problem. No matter who we are and no matter what we have accumulated and accomplished and what the position are we in our lives, one thing that we need to know and is certain; you will die and only God knows when. In other words, suicide is really a bad way to solve a problem. One thing that people need to know is; we need to be realistic and true to ourselves. There will always be people who judge us for one thing or another. We are rich or poor or tall or short or fat or thin. What matters is our own self-image. How we see ourselves is what matters no matter what gender you are. To keep a healthy outlook and know that no matter what anyone says you were in fact meant to be here on this earth right now right here just the way you are. Trans, Gay,? Bi or anything. What makes you different makes you special believe that and pass it on the other people. How to cite Julia Serano, Whipping Girl Book Review, Papers

How does Shakespeare explore the themes of hate and love through the words of his characters in Romeo and Juliet Essay Example For Students

How does Shakespeare explore the themes of hate and love through the words of his characters in Romeo and Juliet? Essay Romeo and Juliet is a story of two warring families who despise each other. The Montague is the house of Romeos. The house of Juliets family is the Capulets the play rotates between passionate love scenes to ghastly bloody fight scenes. Also in the play, there are different types of love such as unrequited love, love at first sight, parental love, friendship love and love of family honour and name. In the essay, I will look at the language of love and hate in a variety of scenes. In act 1 scene, one Romeo is in love with Rosaline but she does not show love back to him, this is unrequited love. For example in that hit you miss: shell not be hit with cupids arrow. This illustrates the idea that he has expressed his love but has been rejected as though cupids arrow just deflected of her. He uses oxymorons, which means using impossible opposites such as love, and hate, which is used throughout the play. An example of an oxymoron is Heres much to do with hate, but more with love. This is a good example of an oxymoron because it illustrates what an oxymoron is and how it can be used. Moreover, Romeo sounds as though he is in love with the sensation of being in love, not actually being in love. For example, Heres much to do with hate, but more with love. Why then o brawling love, o loving hate. This suggests that he is not in love because he is not saying anything about Rosaline. Romeo is just confused because this is the first time he has been in love and does not know how to control his overwhelming emotions. At the start of act 1 scene 5, we see Romeo talking about Juliet but not speaking to her. He describes her as a rich jewel and a torch that burns bright. This suggests that her very presence lightens up the roam. He also says Beauty too rich for use. This illustrates the idea that her beauty is too great for everybody to handle in everyday use. This makes Romeo completely forget about Rosaline. This justifies the point in paragraph 1 that the love that Romeo felt for Rosaline was artificial because he has totally forgot about Rosaline. Romeo then uses religious imagery. The key phrase, which shows this, is Ill watch her place of stand, and touching hers, make blessed my rude hand. This illustrates the idea that if you touch her hand all your sins will be washed away. Furthermore, it could mean she will bless because you have been touched by something so beautiful. When Romeo and Juliet speak for the first time, it is love at first sight. They kiss. For example Thus from my lips. This is illustrating that this is love at first sight because they become very passionate with each other even though they do not know a thing about each other. Romeo knows that it is a sin but he cannot resist. For example, Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urgd! Give me my sin again. This is implying that he does not want to stop being with Juliet. He wants his urge to trespass so he could carry on kissing Juliet. He even knows that it is not right because he keeps calling it a sin. Juliet he even knows that it is wrong and she should not be doing this but she is so much in love, the same as Romeo, she cannot resist, also the same as Romeo. Shakespeare very cleverly put there conversation into a form of a sonnet, which is a short poem with a set structure. The sonnet suggests their love is mutual. Act 2 scene 2 is probably the most important scene in the play because this is the scene, which Romeo Juliet declare their love and agree to marry the next day. First Romeo arrives but Juliet is not in the scene at this time. Romeo describes Juliet as the sun and light. For instance, he says, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun. Arise fair sun, and kill the envious moon. This illustrates the idea that Juliet is the sun which is bright and sweet and when she appears through the window she will kill the moon and everything will become light and beautiful, the same as she is. This could also be classified as light and dark imagery because it involves the brightness of the sun and the darkness of the moon. He also uses other light and dark imagery to describe Juliet such as Two of the fairest stars in all of heaven plus The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars. Shakespeare has to use light and dark imagery because all the plays would be performed during the day in an opened air theatre. Love, Lust, and Adultery; all ingredients of a day EssayIn act 1 scene 5, the ball scene in which the Montagues intrude. It is also the scene, which Capulet and Tybalt get in an argument. Tybalt gets angry quickly at Capulet because he recognizes Romeos voice at the party. He wants to start a fight with Romeo; the quotation that supports this is This, by his voice should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier, boy. This illustrates the idea that he is so tuned in to the hatred he can spot a Montague with there voice. It also implies he wants a fight straight away the same as act 1 scene 1. He also calls Romeo a slave which is offensive because in Shakespearian time slaves were the lowest of the lowest. This is also love of family honour, which compensates for his hate to Montagues. Capulet however does not think it is a big problem because they are doing no harm. In those days, it was wrong to insult a guest. Tybalt shows aggression to Capulet for instance it fits when such a villain is a guest: Ill not endure him. This suggests Tybalt cannot stand him even though Romeo is doing nothing wrong. Capulet becomes angry with Tybalt because he is the head of the family and he expects to be listened to. The quotation that supports this is Am I the master here or you. Capulet finds it insulting to being listened to. At the very end of the scene, Tybalt says, I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet, convert to bittrest gall. Here he is implying he will calm down for the moment but he will to turn something sweet and innocent to something bad and bitter. Act 3 scene 1 is a fight scene. The fight between Tybalt and Mercutio comes about because they both are too proud of themselves and their personal honour in addition they do not want to show weakness to each other. For example, Benvolio sees the Capulets come towards them therefore he warns Mercutio but he does not care, By my heel, I care not. This shows that he will be protective over his honour. He wants to fight. Tybalt will not step down either because he likes a fight. They both are arrogant characters. Mercutio is the one who challenges the fight. When he says, Heres my fiddlestick, heres that shall make you dance. This is him being arrogant, he is over confident that he will win the fight. It could also be a simile because fiddlestick is a musical instrument but he is referring to his sword and dance is making move about because he is going to hit him. When Romeo enters, the audience feels tension because he has just come from the church where he got married to Juliet. Romeo wants the fight to stop because he is apart of Tybalt family as well as Mercutios. Romeo best describes this when he says to Tybalt the reason that I have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting. This illustrates the idea that Romeo does not want to fight because he secretly knows that they are family now. However, Tybalt is so hooked on the hate he has for Romeo he just wants to fight. For example, boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done me, therfor turn and draw. Here is insulting Romeo by calling him boy even though he is an adult. He is hoping by insulting him he will be able to get him to fight. Tybalt then hurts Mercutio. This could be the warning that Tybalt was giving at the party, that he will turn something sweet to something bitter. While Mercutio is hurt he uses gross imagery which is the quote A plague a both houses! This is gross imagery because a plague is disgusting so he is saying his wound is disgusting. It could also mean the continence of distraught and despair which has happened through and something that may continue. This makes the audience feel tension and lures them into the play even deeper. When Mercutio dies, Romeo is filled wit h rage towards Tybalt and sets of after him to kill him, which he does.

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Workplace Safety ABC Company

Question: Discuss about theWorkplace Safetyfor ABC Company. Answer: Introduction This project sets out to design safety work precautions that should be adopted by ABC Computers in a bid to reduce risks and preserve the safety of all and sundry within the organization for a smooth and efficient production. Safety is one of the key considerations that are enshrined in the ethical and legal requirements of the ABC constitution and as such, must be adequately complied with. ABC Company is an organization that deals in the sale of computer hardware as well as offering repair services. It is important to ensure safety in the work place. According to the Occupational Health and Safety regulation, all businesses are supposed to have a safety program that will guarantee employees a safe environment (Ridley Channing, 2009). The safety program should elaborately outline processes of managing the prevention of work-related injuries and diseases at the work places. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure safety is guaranteed to the employees. In order to ensure safety at the workplace, there are factors that must be considered before a safety program is formulated and implemented. These factors include the size of the business and the risks associated with the business. The various steps that should be taken to ensure a safe workplace have been discussed as follows. To begin with, a comprehensive control plan of workplace hazards must be formulated and earlier preparation be done (Ridley Channing, 2009)). For ABC Computers to come up with an effective plan, the employer must identify the possible hazards that are likely to take place in the workplace given that the company has seen remarkable expansion and owing to its strategic directions. In other words, the aspect of preparedness must be on course always. The possible solutions to the identified hazards are developed and shared out to all employees. For instance, the risk of fire should call for measures such as availing of fire extinguishers that will be strategically positioned (Herbertson, 2009). As a matter of fact, being that he company has many employees, congestion is evident and anything can happen as a result of this. As well, a risk of minor injury will require an access to a fully functional first aid kit. In addition, other control measures such as providing every employee with p rotective gear will be instrumental (Burns, 2002). Additionally, regular workplace inspection and checking the functionality of all installed equipment will be important (Herbertson, 2009). Equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other machines must be ensured they are functional always to avoid leaving anything to chance. This is also captured in the company legislation but should be given credence so as to avert any possible laxity that can be to the detriment of the entire working crew as a result of negligence. As well, the storage areas of these machines and equipment must be ensured that it is the right place. What is more, the inspection should also look at the safe work procedures and ensure they are reviewed regularly. It will be important to check whether the employees follow the standard working procedure accordingly. Through this inspection, the safety program can be assessed and appropriate steps be taken. Furthermore, it is necessary to comply with the governmental regulations as provided for within the Australian government legislation (Herbertson, 2009). There are regulations that have been set to ensure the workplace is safe for the employees. It will be important that these regulations are followed to the letter, a fact that ABC Company will have to embrace with all arms. Some of these regulations touch on administrative controls such as maximum number of working hours, training programs, rotation of workers among others. With these regulations, unnecessary unsafe incidences at workplaces can be reduced and or eliminated. Training of employees will be necessary especially if there is any risk or potential injury associated with the job done (In Simons, In Leroy, In Savage, 2013). The training encompasses giving insights of the possible risks, how to handle any case associated with risk and measures to be undertaken to prevent such cases. It will be important to provide them with written instructions and standard working procedure for future reference. As well, there will be need to supervise employees to ensure they are using the trained skills properly and effectively. Failure to provide training for the employees will not only lead to unsafe situations but also will make the employer reliable in case of an accident. Besides, activities such as conducting a mock safety drill will be required as a way of evaluating the preparedness within the workplace. It is imperative to organize for a continuous safety education for the employees (In Simons, In Leroy, In Savage, 2013). There need to be a regular sharing with the employees on their experiences pertaining to their working stations. The safety should be a topic of discussion in most of the meeting held as a way of elevating the different perceptions different employees may have towards safety. In fact, through these forums, employees can suggest ideas that can be incorporated to the existing safety programs to make them better. In case of a safety related incident, it will essential that the incident be thoroughly investigated to establish the cause of the incident (J.J. Keller Associates, 2004). Even if it may not have been serious, the incident must be looked into to establish its root cause. From these investigations, it can be realized that the existing safety plans require some modifications in order to be effective. From the findings, strict preventive measures should be formulated and implemented to avoid any future occurrence of similar incidences. Moreover, keeping records of all safety undertakings will assist in ensuring a safe workplace (J.J. Keller Associates, 2004). The records such as first aid treatment, incident investigation, training activities, inspections done and safety equipment installation documents must be kept safely. These records can be used to assess the safety trends of the business. As well, the information from these records can be used to identify any unsafe conditions or work procedure. More importantly, in case of an incident, the employer can be on the safer side of the law while armed with these records. Workplace safety must be the most key part of the business (Liu Hammitt, 2000). The success of a business does not only include inventory control, financial planning and customer service alone. The business success also entails the safety measures put in place and generally how the workplace is safe to the employees. The striving of a business and its commitment to the safety of everyone involved brings a holistic sense. This is because this commitment protects the greatest resource to the business - the people. Therefore, safety at the work place should be prioritized accordingly. References Burns,T. (2002). Serious incident prevention: How to achieve and sustain accident-free operations in your plant or company. Amsterdam: Gulf Professional Pub. Herbertson,W. (2009). The practical safety guide to zero harm: How to effectively manage safety in the workplace. Salamander Bay, N.S.W: Value Organisation Pty Ltd. In Simons,T., In Leroy,H., In Savage,G.T. (2013). Leading in Health Care Organizations: Improving Safety, Satisfaction, and Financial Performance. J.J. Keller Associates. (2004). Safety Committees: Workplace Safety in Action Handbook. Neenah: Author. 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